18-year- old girl emerges Rivers commissioner

Miss Sophia Oyibo Awajibene, an 18-year-old girl, was sworn in as the Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communication yesterday.

Her rise came as a result of an intense essay competition in the state, where she won first place with a score of 79 percent, defeating 14 other competitors.
Sophia received an N60,000 cash incentive and a certificate from the Rivers State Ministry of Information and Communication for being named an Ambassador.

Paulinus Nsirim, who sat in the secondary school leaver’s seat for 30 minutes, said it was important to teach young people that they may achieve fame and excellent reputations by hard effort, honesty, and integrity, rather than through ‘Big Brothers

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“They said, ‘Didn’t you see how much money they’re making in Big Brothers?’ But that’s a sad indictment on our country today; everything is monetised.”

Nsirim, on the other hand, stated that the ministry seeks to instill good values through an essay competition and to demonstrate to the world that good values can make someone renowned and a role model for others.

Prof. Kaniye Ebeku, the State Commissioner for Education, and Prince Ohia, his Youths Development Counterpart, expressed joy at the winner’s achievement, adding that education remains the backbone of every community seeking growth.

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