Doctors embark on indefinite strike in Ekiti

Residents at the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital in Ado Ekiti have decided to suspend their services indefinitely.

According to the association’s president, Dr. Olaniyi Olaoye, the situation arose as a result of inconsistencies in the payment of their wages, which he linked to the government’s purported cut in the hospital’s monthly subvention.

Dr. Olaoye noted that since 2018, resident doctors have faced financial difficulties as a result of receiving only their net compensation rather than their gross.

He claimed that the failure to remit different deductions, such as cooperative and union dues, to the appropriate quarters had prevented them from obtaining loans and other essential advantages.

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Dr. Olaoye claimed that while doctors were still attempting to bear the pain of their salaries being lowered, the hospital’s monthly subvention was slashed again, possibly due to the economic crisis, leaving management unable to pay May and June 2021 salaries.

After three congresses, the president confirmed that the association had decided to enable its members to remain at home pending the time they would have.

The state government voiced alarm in response to the development, but thanked all workers, particularly health care professionals, for their patience.

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