Eid-el Kabir- Kano people grumble at ram price rise on

Due to excessive pricing of animal food and Nigerians’ shrinking purchasing power, prominent ram markets in Kano are experiencing poor patronage just days before Eid-el Kabir.

Some of the markets visited by our correspondent in Kano appeared abandoned, with only merchants seeking shelter from the rain or the hot sun in various regions of the state.

Due to rain or blazing weather in various sections of the state, some of the marketplaces visited by our correspondent in Kano were abandoned, with just merchants present. Kano, as a commercial hub in Sub-Saharan Africa, received an unusual quantity of rams, cattle, and camels from neighboring nations such as Niger, Chad, and Mali, in the hopes of a profitable sale.

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According to a research into some of the largest ram markets, turnover has decreased dramatically in recent years.

A typical ram, which went for N50,000 last year, now sells for N80,000, while a typical cow, which sold for N180,000 last year, now sells for N250,000.

A camel that cost N120,000 a year ago is now worth N200,000.

Mallam Adamu, one of the ram dealers, claimed that based on all indications, many devout could not afford to sacrifice ram during the Salah time due to the country’s economic problems.

“As you can see yourself, people are coming in groups to either buy a camel or a cow to share among themselves on the Salah day. I must tell you this is a bad market for us.

“Another problem we encountered is the hike in animal feeds, which we fervently pray that the price should drastically come down so that our Muslim brothers would be able to afford without stress,” he said.

“We are trying to put body and soul together. Many families are thinking of what to eat. Salah would always come and Almighty God sees everyone’s heart and judges him accordingly.

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