Five Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Partners

Why Men Cheat

There are lurid stories of infidelity in men and the numbers are rising. Infidelity is one of the most painful things anyone can experience in dating or marriage.  For women, the thought that their man could be coiled up in someone’s arm sends cold spines down the body. The situation has gotten to the boiling point that every woman considers men to be unfaithful. The Phrase “Men are scum” is often used by women to describe men that jilted them. Are men unfaithful to their partners? Of course, especially at this age when sex is easier to get. Do Women cheat too? Certainly, they do. Be it emotional infidelity or sexual infidelity, there is always a cause for it. Here are 5 causes of infidelity in men.

1. Lack of Communication

Communication is very vital in relationships and marriage. Lack of communication and the inability to discuss personal problems is a major cause of infidelity. When a man senses that his partner is not paying enough attention to him or spending more time with him, the urge to explore heightens.

For men who feel they are not appreciated enough, they begin to have a feeling of paranoia which kicks the cheating ball to their court. Men who live separately with their partners are always faced with this communication problem because loneliness does no longer makes the heart grow fonder it makes the heart wander.

2. Flattened Sexual Desire

Sex is very important in a relationship or marriage but keeping it on a 100 with your partner is “importanter” if we must use the Nigerian lexicon. Unsatisfied sex life can trigger the urge to cheat for men, maybe because his partner has lost interest and the desire to make love keeps thinning down every day.

Sometimes these men want to try something new that their partners can’t offer and addiction to porn is to blame.

3. Boredom

Boredom? Did you ever consider this? People can cheat because they’re bored. Your Pastor or Imam must have told you that an idle man is a devil’s workshop. To escape boredom most times, the mind wanders in two different areas; the internet and hanging out with friends seeking excitement.

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The internet has been known to have a foot on the gas pedal of modern life, unfortunately, the internet is also a bad driver. When men can no longer enjoy their own ennui, social networking sites like Facebook becomes an escape. Here, pictures of women they have slept with or they regret not sleeping with flashes the mind and with time, he will start making little advances. For the case of hanging out, alcohol decides most times the thighs a man buries his head at night.

4. Biology

Have you ever heard a cheating man say it is biology that made me cheat? Well, a lot of men say this a lot, putting the blame on nature. There are people who say that it is in the DNA of every man to cheat at least once in a while. However, most experts argue this a lot because the decision to cheat remains in a man’s control and has nothing to do with evolution or biology.

5. A Nagging partner

Having a nagging partner can make most men consider cheating. While the woman nags at home, he goes out later, rollicking in the arms of another woman who will make him feel loved. Most times, a more preferable alternative that comes to the mind of the man is hot sex with the lady down the street.  No matter the reason for infidelity for both genders, the end result is always a disaster if not disastrous.

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