Five things to know about BBNaija’s Wildcard twist

Big Brother Naija

The Big Brother Naija Season 6 theme, Shine Ya Eye, has introduced the show’s first twist With the ‘Wildcards.

On Sunday, the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, revealed that two of the 22 housemates are actually Wildcards during the second launch episode.

AlarmNigeria will explain what Wildcards are, their position in the house, and other things to know about BBNaija Wildcards in this article.

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Wildcards are fake housemates of the show

Originally, each season’s BBNaija housemates were supposed to number 20. To the amazement of the audience, 22 housemates were announced.

As a result, the show’s organizers revealed that two of the roommates are actually fake housemate. This is the first twist of the Shine Ya Eye season, and fans are really thrilled about it.

The housemates, like the fans, have no idea who the Wildcards are and are expected to go about their daily lives in the house without knowing.

The housemates will have to figure out who the Wildcards are next week Sunday in order to eliminate them from the show.

Housemates are unaware of who the Wildcards are

The housemates, like the viewers, have no idea who the Wildcards are and are expected to go about their daily lives in the house completely clueless.

The housemates must figure out who the Wildcards are by next Sunday in order to evict them from the show.

Wildcards’ eviction

The fake housemates will be evicted if the housemates properly identify the Wildcards among them.

The fake housemates, on the other hand, would have to stay in the program and compete for the N90 million final prize if the housemates fail to accurately identify the Wildcards

Wildcard Nominations

There’s more to the twist that this season of Shine Ya Eye has in store for viewers.If the Wildcards  still alive remains by Sunday, the housemates will have exclusive nomination power on Monday.

Wildcards’ Reveal

The Wildcards will be announced to the public in a special Diary Session starting at 3:00 p.m. WAT on Thursday. As a result, fans are left to speculate on who the Wildcards will be.
As is customary for the show, this is only the first twist, and fans are already looking forward to the next twist in the Shine Ya Eye season.

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