Florentino Perez audio leaked of Madrid players from 2012

In two audio recordings from 2012 that were leaked on Wednesday, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez labeled Cristiano Ronaldo a “imbecile” and Jose Mourinho “weird,” as well as saying the two had “big egos.”

During Perez’s second term as president of Real Madrid, both Portuguese talents were at the club. An audio tape from 2006 of Perez denouncing former players Iker Casillas and Raul Gonzalez as the “worst frauds” in the club’s history had been leaked 24 hours before.

“He is mad,” Perez had said of Ronaldo in one of the audios released by El Confidencial. “This chap is an imbecile, he is ill.

“Do you think this chap is normal? He is not normal, otherwise he wouldn’t do the things he does. The last foolish thing he did, everyone around the world saw it.

“Why do you think he does that foolish thing?”

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Perez’s reference to the “foolish thing” is unclear, and ESPN has reached out to Ronaldo’s agents for comment.

Perez also went after Mourinho’s and Ronaldo’s super agent, Jorge Mendes.

“Mendes does not order him, nor does he order Mourinho whatsoever,” Perez said. “Zero. Not even for the interviews. These are guys with huge egos, both of them spoiled.

“He and the coach don’t see the reality because the two could earn a lot more money if they were different. They are both abnormal because we are talking about a lot of money in image rights.

“Furthermore, with that face they have, with that defiant manner that they are disliked by everyone. … Advertising is the opposite, it is the complete opposite.”

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