Fuel scarcity looms as marketers, suppliers contend with hurdles

“Supply of petroleum products across the federation may be disrupted in the coming days, as multiple challenges confront marketers, haulage companies and their workers.

The operators, yesterday, said over 90 per cent of trucks, conveying petroleum products, are stocked in different parts of the country, especially in the Okpella area of Edo, Omuo-Ekiti in Ekiti, Maradi in Niger and some parts of Oyo, among others.

“When The Guardian visited the site between Kabba and Omuo-Ekiti, a multitude of heavy-duty vehicles heading from the northern part to other regions was stuck in a queue, spanning over 10 kilometres, immediately after Iyara in Kogi State.”

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Those heading northward were also stranded, as it took the intervention of men of the Nigerian Army to normalise the situation.

In some portions of the road between Kogi and Ilorin, only one vehicle could move at a time owing to the deplorable state of the highway. Some haulage companies had to station towing vans at different sections to rescue trapped vehicles.”

“Most travellers and motorists, who avoided the Okene-Okpella expressway enroute the South-South, South-East, South-West regions and parts of the North Central on account of the dilapidated condition of the infrastructure, drove against traffic and then created gridlocks at most horrible portions of the road. Even at that, it took about two to three hours for them to find their way.

For most voyagers, who would have connected parts of the South West and Ilorin through the Kabba-Egbe- Ilorin highway, the gateway has remained a death trap.”

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