Hollywood Movie Star Taraji Henson Reveals She Struggles With Depression And Anxiety

Taraji Henson

Taraji P. Henson, an award-winning Hollywood actress, has spoken out about her long battle with depression and anxiety.

Being in the Hollywood spotlight puts a lot of pressure on her to be strong, according to the stunning actress.

Taraji said she started to feel uncomfortable in her own skin and was always down.

Taraji P. Henson, a stunning and captivating American actress, revealed in an interview on the SELF YouTube channel that she has been suffering from depression and anxiety for the past two years.

Taraji stated in the video that what she finds disturbing in the African-American community is that every illness is spoken of and discussed except for mental health, which she believes is a problem.

Taraji noted that she experienced mood swings and that she didn’t want to go outside, that she felt uncomfortable in her own flesh, and that she was always unhappy.

People started recommending meditation and yoga, which she said wouldn’t help.

When she learned to recognize and embrace the state she was in, the shame she felt as a result of her sadness and anxiety dissipated.

According to this actress, she sought therapy from a therapist

Taraji continued, “I felt pressured to be a strong black actress in Hollywood,” but after analyzing her current situation, she realized the entire movement of black women needing to be strong all of the time was a myth.

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Taraji said that as a celebrity, she is frequently asked if she supports a charity, and the truth is that she does not.

The Hollywood actress remarked that she had never been passionate about a cause until she suffered from depression and realized that it was a worthwhile road to pursue.

Taraji presently runs a foundation with her best friend to support those who are suffering from anxiety and depression.

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