It’s Not A Better Time For Davido As He Losses His Aide,Obama


Davido, the legendary Nigerian artist, has lost one of his buddies to the icy grip of death, and this is not a ‘better time’ for him.

Habeeb Uthman, also known as Obama DMW, one of the singer’s close buddies, reportedly drove himself to a Lagos hospital earlier today to complain of breathing difficulties and died hours afterwards.

Several members of the 30 BG gang have declined to comment on Obama DMW’s death, despite the fact that no formal statement has been made.

According to a reliable source, Obama DMW was having breathing problems and drove himself to Ever Care Hospital in Lekki to seek treatment.

He was admitted to the hospital but died only a few hours later.

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Obama DMW was a music executive and artiste manager who formed his own music label, Obama Music Worldwide, in addition to being an associate of  Davido

In 2019, he began to stand out among the  individuals that hung out with Davido, and he had a sizable Instagram following.

He began doing Instagram Live interviews with music business personalities during the COVID-19 imposed shutdown of 2020, and one episode with Pasuma went viral

Obama DMW was born in Lagos and worked in the entertainment industry before teaming up with Davido.

He spent some time in Canada before returning to start a label called Holla At Your Boy, which closed after his partner died.

Following that, he teamed up with Davido to form OMW.

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