Kano Hisbah Bans The Use Of mannequins For Displaying Clothes Of Tailors And Boutique Owner

Kano Hisbah

The Kano State Hisbah Board is concerned about how increasingly’seductive’ some mannequins appear, and has forbidden tailors, supermarkets, and boutiques from using them.

Sheikh Harun Ibn Sina, the Commander-General of the Kano Hisbah board, declared in a statement that the usage of mannequins by tailors, supermarkets, and others is against Islamic doctrine.

He went on to say that the board would launch a public awareness campaign to educate people about how mannequins are frowned upon in Islam.

After sensitization, he added, the board would raid stores to remove the mannequins, calling their usage for advertising reasons “idolatry.”

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“We divided Kano into five areas for monitoring and implementation of the ban across the state,” Ibn Sina said.

Kano is a largely Muslim state in Nigeria’s northwestern region, with strict adherence to Sharia law or rules.

Kano, like most states in the mostly Muslim north, frowns on the consumption or sale of alcohol in public areas, despite the fact that it benefits from federal alcohol sales taxes.

Sharia law is an Islamic jurisprudence system.

It is a religious law that is founded on the Koran’s teachings and the Prophet’s traditions (Hadith and Sunna).

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