Ladies! Here are Five Ways to Prevent Sagging Breasts

prevent sagging breasts

Women like to pay close attention to their breasts, not just to check for cancer threats but also to check for signs of sagging.  Women know that a firm breast is a major turn-on for men. The society itself does not consider saggy breasts as beautiful and women are sometimes ashamed of them. Meanwhile flat breasted women always envy their fellow women who are heavily endowed and would swap in a heartbeat.

No breast would stay firm elegantly forever, however, to prevent the breasts from sagging too early, here are five things to do.

1. Cut down on crazy diet plans

One of the ways to prevent your breasts from sagging is to monitor your diet. Most food supplements do not always produce a healthy outcome for the body. Maintaining a stable body weight is essential and some diet plans create such a drastic change in the body composition that makes the breasts rebel by sagging. Diets plans are not necessarily bad for people who are trying to cut down on their weight but always make sure it is done under the strict supervision of a doctor.

2. Don’t Smoke

Aside from the cliche from the Ministry of Health that Smokers are liable to die young, there should also be another phrase – Smokers are also liable to have sagging breasts. Generally, smoking is injurious to health. Starting from staining your lips with tobacco to changing your skin texture. As time progresses, it begins to cause wrinkles and within a short time, the breasts begin to shrink.

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Ladies who smoke shisha and weed are liable to have a faster-sagging breast rate before they start giving birth to babies which is usually the main cause of sagging.

3. Good Massage

Ever wondered why those french models or models generally visit the Spa? well, they do so to keep the body in good shape and that includes preventing the breast from sagging. Admittedly the breasts need massage most times not just for people dealing with sagging breasts. A good massage can release stagnant fluids that give the breast a lift. If you cannot afford a masseur, you may still, however, engage the help of your other half to get the job done.

4.Exercise more Often

Constant exercise can prevent the breasts from sagging. Push-ups are not only exercise for the men. Early morning pushups for a woman can help to tone up the body, making the breasts to firm up. Also when jogging, endeavour to wear a proper sports bra because it helps to prevent the bounce and tear of the ligaments sometimes experienced when jogging. Making use of dumbbells for exercise also helps to restore a sagging breast.

5. Eat a lot of Proteins

Foods rich in proteins have been known to help prevent breasts from sagging. However, it doesn’t mean one should only eat proteins all day long. It is all about balancing the diet with a lot more emphasis on foods rich in proteins.

A comprehensive practice of all the points listed here can help you prevent your breasts from sagging. Also, getting enough sleep and cutting down on stress would go a long way.

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