Madrid court orders imprisonment of footballer Lucas Hernandez

He will be sentenced next Tuesday, but he has filed an appeal. From October 19, he will have ten days to enter prison “voluntarily.” In Spain, persons condemned to less than two years in prison are rarely sent to prison, but Hernandez has been forced to serve his term because it was a second offense.

After a heated argument between the two, the 25-year-old was arrested four years ago for breaking a court order prohibiting him from contacting his partner.

Hernandez was sentenced to six months in prison in December 2019 for violating the restraining order after the pair married and flew to Madrid.

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Hernandez was arrested in February 2017 after his then-girlfriend was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries.

Both were charged by Spain’s public prosecutor despite neither having filed a complaint against the other.

The former Atletico Madrid star and his girlfriend were both given community service sentences of 31 days apiece.

They were also prohibited from seeing one other for the next six months.

Hernandez was caught at the Madrid airport four months later.

He was with his partner, who was not arrested because her own restraining order had not yet been legally served, as the couple returned to Spain after marrying in the United States.

Since then, the couple has had a son.

Last weekend, Hernandez was a member of the France team that won the Nations League title.

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