Maguire says father suffered rib injuries in Wembley ‘stampede’

After being trampled by supporters during crowd disturbances at Wembley Stadium before the Euro 2020 final against Italy, England defender Harry Maguire says his father suffered rib injuries and struggled to breathe.

Before the start of Sunday’s game, fans battled with officials, violated security cordons, and stormed into the perimeter area of Wembley, which Italy won in a penalty shootout.

British police said 19 of its officers were injured while 86 people, including 53 at the venue, were arrested.

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UEFA, the governing body of European soccer, has launched disciplinary proceedings against England’s Football Association for causing disturbances.

“I think he was involved in a stampede and suffered a couple of injuries to his ribs. I spoke to him, he said he was scared,” Maguire told The Sun.

“I don’t want anyone to experience that going to watch football, especially a major final.”

The Football Association said on Monday that it would undertake a complete investigation into the security lapse and that fans who forced their way inside the stadium were acting inappropriately.

It is claimed that up to 5,000 fans got admission to the stadium without having purchased a match ticket. According to ESPN, ticket readers went on strike for a period of time, and spectators either “tailgated” their way in or rushed in.

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