NASCO Group refutes allegations of financing terrorism in Nigeria

NASCO Group Nigeria has denied a media report that accused it of funding terrorism by Boko Haram and other terrorist elements in Nigeria and other African countries.

NASCO Group Nigeria in a statement said report by David  on terrorism funding contains “defamatory and slanderous contents” as it will never “be sponsors to any criminal act, organization, or violence of any kind that will disrupt the peace and tranquility of the Nigerian state or any country in the world.”

“After the unfortunate events of 2001, thousands of people and entities around the world were subjected to various investigations,” NASCO said. “A detailed examination by the United Nations Security Council and the US Government totally exonerated NASCO’s late founder, Dr. Ahmed Nasreddin, and his business interest of all false allegations.”

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“After the statement was released, Hundeyin doubled down on his initial report that Nasreddin was not cleared of funding terrorism but delisted after by the United Nations Security Council after he “cut some kind of deal with the US government, likely involving asset forfeitures, to get his name off the list of terror financiers.”

“Hundeyin also tweeted an NIA statement on freezing the NASCO account to refute the company’s claim that its accounts were never frozen.

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