NBC tells Nigerian radio, television stations to stop tweeting

All Nigerian radio and television stations have been ordered by NBC to stop tweeting. Prof Armstrong Idachaba, the Acting Director General of NBC, said it would be unpatriotic for any broadcaster in Nigeria to continue to use the suspended Twitter as a source of information, and he appealed for strict compliance.

The decision, according to Idachaba, is in accordance with Section 2(1) of the NBC Act, which charges the commission with ensuring strict conformity to national laws, rules, and regulations.

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Idachaba also pointed out that section 3.11.2 of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code states that “the broadcaster shall ensure that law enforcement is enforced at all times in a matter depicting that law and order are socially superior to or more desirable than crime and anarchy,” according to Idachaba.

“Attention is also drawn to section 5.6.3 of The Code which requires Broadcasters to be mindful of materials that may cause disaffection, incite to panic or rift in the society in the use of a User Generated Content (UGC).”

The Commission also asked the media house to deactivate their handles.

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