Nigeria loses N7b yearly to non-passage of water bill, says FG

Suleiman Adamu, the Minister of Water Resources, said Wednesday that the country loses N7 billion every year due to the failure to pass the Water Resources Bill.

During a press conference at the commission’s Abuja headquarters, the minister (represented by Magashi Bashir, Executive Director, National Integrated Water Resource Management Commission) revealed this.
He called the bill’s failure to pass as a major setback for the country’s economic progress. “The non-passage of the bill, which would have given legal teeth to the water sub-sector for optimal performance like other sectors, costs Nigeria around N6 billion to N9 billion per year,” he added.

He asked Nigerians to “go above ethnicity and ethnic divisions.”

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He noted that most sectors in the country are being regularised but regretted that the water sector, which according to him is the most important, remains neglected.

He said even though all the grey areas of the bill have been expunged, some Nigeria were still viewing the document from an old standpoint.

He added that some of the persons campaigning against the content of the bill were doing so out of ignorance or mischief.

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