Over an old Holocaust skit, the director of the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony was dismissed.

The show director for the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony has been fired on the eve of the event over a decades-old skit referencing the Holocaust, in the latest blow for organisers of the pandemic-delayed Games.

On the night of the Tokyo Olympics, the show director for the opening ceremony was sacked over a decades-old comedy evoking the Holocaust, the latest setback for the pandemic-delayed Games.

Kentaro Kobayashi’s statements in a video of a comedy routine from 1998 went viral overnight, shocking many Japanese people.

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It came to light that during a past performance, (he) used language that mocked a tragic fact of history,” Tokyo 2020 chief Seiko Hashimoto told reporters.

“The organising committee has decided to relieve Kobayashi of his post,” she added.

In the sketch, Kobayashi and a comedy partner pretend to be a pair of famous children’s TV entertainers.

Kobayashi apologized in a statement, describing the comedy as having “very inappropriate” lines.

“It was from a moment when I wasn’t getting the chuckles I wanted, and I guess I was attempting to attract attention in a shallow way.”

Kobayashi, a well-known character in Japanese theater, is the most recent member of the opening ceremony team to be booted out.

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