Residents are relieved when the canal in Lagos is cleared

Residents of four local council districts in Lagos have been relieved of their recurring flooding thanks to the state’s effective desilting of a key channel that had been clogged by garbage for over ten years.

Surulere, Mushin, Odi-Olowo, and Itire-Ikate LCDAs are among the affected local governments and development areas.

During the inspection, some people in Akobi Crescent, LUTH collector and tributary, Idi Araba, and Ishaga claimed that with the regular clearing of System 6c, floods would be a thing of the past.

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Akindele Michael, a local, claimed the clearance will help with the Idiara and Mushin area’s recurring flooding.

After an inspection tour of the major primary channels in Idi Araba and Surulere, Permanent Secretary, Office of Drainage Services, Lekan Shodeinde, told newsmen that almost two-metre-high trash was evacuated at the Akobi Crescent end and the LUTH tributary.

Shodeinde, who was represented by Olalekan Ajani, Director, Drainage Maintenance, claimed that when the current administration took office, most of the major principal channels were not operational and accessible due to a significant level of garbage that had clogged all the drains due to negligence.

According to the permanent secretary, findings revealed that several drainage channels that had previously been cleaned were now dirty due to residents’ unwholesome behavior, and as a result, the ministry ensures that the Emergency Flood Abatement Gang (EFAG) team works throughout the year across the state.

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