Whogohost: Five Things Reviewers Say About The Hosting Site


Founded in 2007 by Opeyemi Awoyemi, WhoGoHost remained under Ennovate Nigeria until becoming an independent WhoGoHost Limited in 2011. WhoGoHost is a domain seller, an accredited .NG seller, a hosting company with reseller plans and site-building capacities. The company has more than an estimated 10,000 accounts in its database. There is a consensus among webmasters, tech reviewers and users that WhoGoHost is one of the leading web hosting companies in Nigeria. Is the company, however, good for your hosting plans? It depends on what you want (and how you want it, too). We compiled five of some of the most popular reviews of WhoGoHost online.


1. Techtalk.ng, July 13, 2017

This reviewer wrote a fairly detailed analysis of Whogohost. He gave both the merits and the demerits in nearly balanced proportions, although it must be noted that most of the things the writer passed for as advantages are things that do not go beyond good routine services.

Reviewer Reliability: 8.5/10

“Many have vouched for WhoGoHost in the past. This includes those who now complain about the company, indicating that something is now going wrong somewhere with the company. It is possible that the company is now suffering from growth challenge or becoming too complacent after becoming an industry giant.

“In any case, WhoGoHost remains one of the best in the country. It is evident that easily show that the company has tried longer than most local web host companies. It has been existing for ten years—long enough to experience its fair share of good and bad times.”

2. Blogincomes.com.ng December 1, 2017

This review could have been better edited. The reviewer didn’t give more than the obvious merits which border on the routine. While he gave a fair analysis of the faults of WhoGoHost he appeared to be repeating in composite voices, when he really spoke with his voice in his analysis, he gave WhoGoHost sweeping passage.

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Reviewer Reliability: 6.5/10.

“As several people have vouched for the web hosting company [WhoGoHost] in years past, it is now a very difficult task for several others to also speak the same on the services of the website considering the fact that their recent services are too poor for their competent customers. Notwithstanding the fact that people speak against them recently, we still know and trust WhoGoHost as the best hosting provider in the country…”

3. Pishdesigns.org, June 9, 2017

This reviewer admitted to having never hosted a site on WhoGoHost. Her only experience with the site and any Nigerian hosting company for that matter is during a design of a client’s website. Her knowledge is secondary at most with a dose of educated guesses.

Reviewer Reliability: 6/10.

“If your website is small and you just need something to set up, then sure, you can use a Nigerian Web Hosting company. However, if you are planning to have a large website, with huge traffic, please just respect yourself and go get an international hosting service.”

4. Mytechportal.com, December 12, 2015

This review about the top five domain companies in Nigeria is limited in three ways. One, it is a comparative review of Nigerian hosting companies as a whole and therefore didn’t make a detailed analysis on WhoGoHost. Two, it was written over two years ago which is a long time in the life of an internet service. Three, the reviewer’s tone leaned more on the subjective side. The fact that WhoGoHost topped the chart is, however, a pointer to their authority.


Reviewer Reliability: 4/10.

“With excellent and superior customer support which is second to none among its competitor helps in delivering quality assistance, utilizing a seamless approach to helping every customer through phone calls, chats, email and support tickets. I must confess their customer support is the best. I logged a complaint by 2am and believe me, I got a response with the issue resolved within 30 minutes.”

5. Selfmadeskills.com, August 10, 2017

This review is based on one experience of the reviewer. While it might be an isolated bad day for WhoGoHost, it is important to take note of it as singular act and experience such as this serve to give the site an overall picture.

Reviewer Reliability: 6/10.


it is a nice firm striving to provide low-cost hosting for average or low-end customers, technical glitches like this will arise from overselling or too much squeeze on the server facility by numerous low-end users. WhoGoHost will be great for you if you wish to host a small HTML or personal pages, especially considering the lowest shared hosting plan they are offering.”

To conclude, WhoGoHost, like any company on earth, is not perfect. Even the giant international companies most reviewers will rather recommend have their share of bad reviews. If you must use Nigerian web host, WhoGoHost is one of the two or three go-to sites. If you will rather go outside the shores of Nigeria for a host, do yourself the service of searching for the reviews of your preferred site online. You will be surprised by what you see.

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